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The privilege of witnessing a life well lived and loved

I feel privileged to be able to capture the beautiful personality of older animals and the love they share with their human companions. Often these pets have witnessed many stages and celebrations of family life, and their loss leaves a gap long after they are gone.  

Sadly, it is not always possible for people to take pets with them when they move into aged care or become unwell. I am always honoured to play a part in capturing memories that make parting a little more bearable in these circumstances.

When not much time is left....

Saying goodbye to your best friend is heartbreaking. I know — I’ve been there too.

Having something to hold onto after they are gone is so important — as a reminder of the important part they have played in your life and a way of honouring how much they have given you.

I offer special arrangements for end of life sessions, prioritising the time needed, and I consider it a privilege to be asked.

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Gidget's Story

I was fortunate to meet Gidget less than 10 months before she said goodbye. Gidget was a dog who kept a whole community together - she had an endless amount of love to share. 

When she approached her 16th birthday her hoomans didn't hesitate to organise a special photoshoot for her. Some things in life you just don't want to leave too long.  I feel privileged to have met her and honoured that I was able to capture her personality - the love she gave her hoomans and the love she received in return. 

When Gidget left us in May 2017 her community was grieving. A memory book storying  her last year of life was such a special way of honouring her life full of unconditional love, friendship and her beautiful and stubborn character.

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